T-card electronic payment in Korea

T-money is a smart card which can be recharged and used to pay for transport in South Korea, in a similar style to Melbourne’s Myki or Sydney’s Opal card.

But what’s different about T-money is that it’s not limited to paying for your train fare. It’s also a credit card that can be used in some shops and businesses, particularly those around the transport precinct, with the money that’s been preloaded onto the card. When you purchase a T-money card, it comes with a guide to the transport system and its services.


T-money can also be used on buses and to pay for taxis, a logical choice which makes it easy to switch from system to system and brings them together for customers without having to use several different ticket types.


T-money can be bought and recharged at stations through special machines. These machines are significant because they also act as an information hub for the station, performing a variety of functions – giving ticket information, helping with wayfinding, and telling customers about events and entertainment happening in the area.


Some machines are also paired with payphones that allow Skype video, voice calls, and Internet browsing.