INTERCHANGING – Future Designs for Responsive Transport Environments

The exhibition INTERCHANGING will showcase some of our research to date, in particular exploring speculative designs for future transport shelters. The exhibition will feature a 1:1 scale, interactive mock-up of a public transport Interchange of the Future. Featuring large screens and several sensors you’ll be able to interact with the model and experience a new world of travel and commuting. Using sustainable materials, the Interchange of the Future incorporates the 2030 vision of the City of Sydney as a green, global and connected city. The installation is complemented by an exhibition showcasing outcomes and the making of the Interchange installation. It takes in 21st Century digital technologies, as well as aspects of 21st Century urban life, such as social networking, online shopping, multimodal travel, recycling, active lifestyles and sustainability.


7pm, Friday 15th August 2014

Customs House Ground Floor
31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay
Sydney  NSW  2000

Phone 02 9242 8551

The exhibition is part of the Sydney Design calendar and will be open to the public from 16th August - 7th September at Customs House.

Our new book ‘INTERCHANGING: Future design for responsive transport environments’ will be launched at the exhibition opening on Friday 15th August 2014. Visit the publisher website for more information.

Interchanging book cover