Project leader

M. Hank HaeuslerDr M. Hank Haeusler Senior Lecturer, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW
Hank is an architectural designer specialising in digital media with over 10 years experience in on-site installations. His expertise enables the integration of ubiquitous digital technologies like smartphones and media screens into public spaces and the built environment.

Chief investigators

Nathan KirchnerDr Nathan Kirchner School of Elec, Mech and Mechatronic Systems Electronics, UTS
Nathan is a robotics engineer with over 10 years research and industry experience. With a significant track record in robotic user centred perception and image recognition, his expertise enables development of unique information inputs to digital communications technologies.

Martin TomitschDr Martin Tomitsch Lecturer, Design Lab, University of Sydney
Martin is an interaction designer with over 10 years experience in informatics and human-computer interaction. His design expertise supports the development of digital information technologies to improve the everyday life and experience of people and to improve urban liveability.

Michelle ZeibotsDr Michelle Zeibots Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS
Michelle is a transport planner with over 15 years experience in urban passenger transport, combining operational, behavioural and governance factors. Her expertise tracks passenger travel behaviour responses to service quality changes in order to optimise network performance and system sustainability.

Partner investigator

Tom BarkerProf Tom Barker Chair, OCAD U Digital Futures Initiative
Tom has worked for 20 years in the built environment, in digital art, architecture and industrial design. His philosophy is based on collaborative continuous learning and embraces innovation, digital space, technology and sustainability. He also has a focus on fusing methods and skills from different disciplines in academia, industry and art.

Research affiliates

Briedy MaharBriedy Mahar Project Coordinator, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW
Briedy is a design researcher and educator at the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales. Briedy is a founding member of the DO | Design Research Collaboration and brings her skills and experience to coordinate the project.

Tim TompsonTim Tompson PhD Candidate, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW
Tim is a strategic design researcher with a background in industrial design. He specialises in innovation, human centred design, systems thinking and visualisation 
of complex systems. His expertise enables greater identification and articulation of user needs to improve customer service focused systems.